Volume 27 (2011)

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Front matter

Keith Maclennan – Humour in Virgil pp. 1-13

C. J. I. Butler – Virgil in the Classroom pp.14-25

John Davie – Reflections of Virgil in Milton pp. 26-37

J. S. C. Eidinow –  Virgil in the Works of Alexandre Dumas père – An Introduction pp. 38-55

Robert Cowan – Hopefully Surviving: Despair and the Limits of devotio in Virgil and Others pp. 56-98

Dunstan Lowe – Tree-Worship, Sacred Groves and Roman Antiquities in the Aeneid pp. 99-129

Helen Lovatt – Aeneid 1 and the Epic Gaze in the Carlias of Ugolino Verino pp. 130-155

Jean-Michel Hulls – Recasting the Master: Further Faces of Virgil in Imperial Rome pp. 156-184

J. F. G. Powell – Aeneas The Spin Doctor: Rhetorical Self-Presentation in Aeneid 2 pp. 185-203

D. W. Blandford – Deiphobe or What’s In a Name? pp. 203-204