Volume 25 (2004)

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Front matter

Bruce Gibson – Song Contests in Calpurnius Siculus (pp. 1-14)

Mike Belbin – Virgil: modern classic (pp. 15-26)

Ingo Gildenhard – Confronting the Beast – From Virgil’s Cacus to the dragons of Cornelis van Haarlem (pp. 27-48)

Llewelyn Morgan – Vergili opera? Dido and cultural crisis in 1689 (pp. 49-62)

Elena Theodorakopoulos – The Name of the Game: the Troia and History and Spectacle in Aeneid 5 (pp. 63-72)

Fiona Cox – Between Pantheons: Roman Landscape and Topography in Butor’s La Modification (pp. 73-82)

Gillian Clark – City of God(s): Virgil and Augustine (pp. 83-94)

Peter Agrell – Wed or Unwed? Ambiguity in Aeneid 4 (pp. 95-110)

Christopher Gill – Character and Passion in Virgil’s Aeneid (pp. 111-124)

Mark Grant – Continuity in Pastoral: Plants and Food in Virgil (pp. 125-134)

Susanna Morton Braund – Making Virgil strange (Presidential Address) (pp.135-146)

Robin Seager – The Eminent Bard and the Soldierly Greek: Refractions between Virgil and Ammianus (pp. 147-160)

Egil Kraggerud –  Houseman Emending Virgil(A.4.225) (pp. 161-164)

Review Nicholas Horsfall – Virgil, Aeneid 7, a Commentary (Jonathan Foster) (pp. 165-167)

In Memoriam Harry MacL. Currie and David W.T. Vessey