Volume 21 (1993)

Table of Contents
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Front matter

F.J. Lelièvre – The Virgil Society (p. ii)

David West – On Serial Narration and on the Julian Star (pp. 1-16)

Michael Winterbottom – Aeneas and the Idea of Troy (pp. 17-34)

E.V. Rieu – Ancient Poets and Modern Scientists (pp. 35-52)

Roland Mayer – The Ivory Gate revisited (pp. 53-64)

Graham Anderson – The Origins of Daphnis (pp. 55-80)

Jean Mingay – Poetry and the Visual Arts in Virgil (pp. 81-88)

Matthew Leigh – Hopelessly Devoted (pp. 89-110)

Charles Martindale  – Descent into Hell (pp. 111-150)

Jonathan Foster – Virgil’s Georgics (pp. 151-168)