Volume 12 (1972)

Table of Contents
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Front matter

M.M Kelsall – Baroque Virgil: Joseph Trapp’s Aeneid (pp. 1-10)

E.L. Harrison – Why did Venus wear boots? —Some reflections on Aeneid 1.314f (pp. 10-25)

Prof. R.D. Williams – Virgil Today (pp. 25-35)

Janet Bews – Virgil, Tacitus, Tiberius and Germanicus (pp. 35-48)

Prof. M.L. Clarke – Three Notes on Virgil (pp. 48-51)

N. Shiel – A ‘Quotation’ from the Aeneid on the coinage of Carausius (51-54)

Book Reviews (pp. 54-56)