Volume 28 (2013)

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Front matter

Robin Sowerby – Translations of Nisus and Euryalus by Dryden and Byron

Gesine Manuwald – Dido: Concepts of a Literary Figure from Virgil to Purcell

Roger Rees – Ausonius and Virgil’s Nether Regions

Philip Hardie – Dido and Lucretia

Naoko Yamagata – Camilla and Tomoe: Female Warriors in Virgil and in Medieval Japan

Jasper Griffin – Aeneas, Pietas, and the Gods

Diederik W. P. Burgerdijk – Virgil in French Romanticism: Parallel Novels of Benjamin Constant and Germaine de Staël

Claire Alicia Stocks – Dying in Purple: Life, Death, and Tyrian dye in the Aeneid

D. H. Berry – Did Aeneas love Dido?

Egil Kraggerud – The Enigmatic Vergili at Horace Carm. 4.12.13 and a Roman Monument