Volume 24 (2001)

Table of Contents
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Front matter

F.M.A Jones – Virgil’s Inheritors (pp. 1-10)

Neil Wright – ‘Semper honos nomenque tuum laudesque manebunt’: Virgil and Twelfth-Century Epic (pp. 11-30)

Alessandro Schiesaro – Virgil in Bloomsbury (pp. 31-48)

Andrew Laird – The Poetics and Afterlife of Virgil’s Descent to the Underworld: Servius, Dante, Fulgentius and the Cules (pp. 49-80)

Rosemary Barrow – Painting Virgil: Victorian choices (pp. 81-102)

Tony Harrison – The Tears and the Trumpets (Presidential Address) (pp. 103-120)

Mark Grant – The Copa: Poetry, Youth and the Roman Bar (pp. 121-134)

Nicholas Horsfall – Virgil reads; Octavia faints: grounds for doubt (pp. 135-138)

Review – Andrew Laird, Powers of Expression, Expressions of Power (Bruce Gibson) (pp. 139-146)

Book Received – Austin’s Aeneid 1 and 4 in Modern Greek (pp. 147-148)

M.M. Willcock – A tribute to  the late W.A. Camps (pp. 149-150)