Volume 23 (1998)

Table of Contents
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Front matter

Priscilla Martin – Chaucer and Virgil (pp. 1-22)

Ian Martin – Hector Berlioz and les Troyens (pp. 23-24)

Peter Levi – The Whole Note (Presidential Address) (pp. 25-50)

Jane Fisher-Hunt – Virgil’s Wayward Sisters: From Purcell to Berlioz (pp. 51-72)

Carol Magner – Imperium sine fine – Virgil, Augustus and Frederick Barbarossa (pp. 73-100)

Monica Gale – War and Peace in Lucretius and the Georgics (pp. 101-128)

Susanna M. Braund – Speech, silence and personality: the case of Aeneas and Dido (pp. 129-148)

John Henderson – Virgil, Eclogue 9: Valleydiction (pp. 149-176)

H. MacL. Currie – Virgil and the Military Tradition (Presidential Address) (pp. 177-192)

Rory B. Egan – The Signs of the Horse’s Head: Aeneid 1.442-5 (pp. 193-208)

Reviews and Miscellanea (pp. 209-216)