Volume 22 (1996)

Table of Contents
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Front matter

H.H. Huxley – ‘Wielder of the stateliest measure’ (pp. 1-18)

A.S. Hollis – Virgil’s Friend Varius Rufus (pp. 19-34)

D.P. Fowler – God the Father (himself) in Virgil (pp. 35-52)

Niall Rudd – Virgil’s Contribution to Pastoral (pp. 53-78)

Sandra Clark – Virgil, Shakespeare and Romance (pp. 79-100)

Jonathan Foster – Some Interactive Instances of the Hero’s Name in the Aeneid (pp. 101-106)

Reviews, Books Received and Pentekontaetia: Addenda and Corrigenda (pp. 107-111)